The world is in shambles, society as we know it is a long lost memory. The world is run by multinational mega-corporations that employ their own personal armies to do their bidding. No, this isn't the world after the Bush White House, it's Devastation, the new game from Digitalo. You are the leader of the resistance. Take your rag tag freedom fighters and restore sanity to the world.

Using the latest Unreal, you traverse a world of decay, gangs and science gone wrong. You have at your disposal pistols, SMP's, shotguns and assault weapons, along with future tech weapons like the laser rifle which can turn your enemies (and yourself) to ashes, and the rat drone, with which you can see thru it's eyes and blow up key targets.

The press release featured four maps of action and a nice movie clip of the mid-game storyline that shows off the great detail and capabilities of the game engine. The missions in the game let you interact with just about every item in the world, from kicking bottle and trash around to shooting rats that just seem to be around every corner. Your fellow freedom fighters can be given orders to assist you in your goals.

There as two modes to play the game. Arcade mode lets you carry everything you can pickup, or you can take the simulation route and be limited to what you can load up with.

The preview also can with the game editor to show that Digitalo plans to give the community the tools it needs to expand the game beyond what comes in the box. Multiplayer mode was not enabled in this release, but with what I saw in the game, online play will be fast and furious.

Check out the Devastation homepage for more info and Beyondunreal's past news stories about the game .

Devastation Editor I like my enemies well, well done. I think I'm gonna like working with you.

So cute and cuddly, and leaves a mess when he goes BOOM! To be a rat, you gotta think like a rat. Just a little more, and you can meet my shiny bullet...