Damnation: Hell Breaks Loose

Ravensworth Federal Penitentiary is in the midst of a riot.

The Pimms Toxin, a drug developed for military use, has been intentionally added to the prison water system. Pimms Toxin was created to give military men more courage under battle conditions and to stave off desertion. The Toxin is only safe in very small doses, taken for a short period of time. The prisoners and guards have been unknowingly ingesting the Toxin for some time and the prison is out of control. As they slowly lose hold of their senses, the guards and prisoners become murderous lunatics.

Your team leader is Dr. Charles Babbage, the only man that can stop the war which rages outside of the prison. Dr. Babbage has been unjustly convicted of treason and is held somewhere within the prison. You must rescue him in order to continue the fight against the powers that are tearing the country apart: W.D. Prescott and the Prescott Steam Industries corporation.