BU: Many new level designers found the UT editor to be intimidating, especially with the lack of 'official' documentation (although there's an abundance of web materials out there). What would you recommend to help new level designers get started with the new UnrealEd for UT 2003? Can we expect to see an official UnrealEd text published any time soon? CliffyB: We have piles of support documentation that is made available to engine licensees and while I'm not going to commit to anything right now I can't see why we wouldn't make much of that data available to the community. Mark (ed.: Rein) is also working on some other exciting projects that may yield some really easy to read results for everyone - too bad I can't talk much about that right now.BU: I'm sure you've taken a good hard look at the new levels in UT 2003. Can you tell us about some of your favorites?CliffyB: I'm a big fan of CTF-Maul, that's the gorgeous CTF map that has been shown quite a bit. Curse 3 is looking amazing, Chris and I have been beating on that one lately, and Anubis is shaping up to be a great Bombing Run map. There's just too many to choose from, man!BU: Hey, we can't let you go without asking you about Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Are you still watching? If so, what do you think of season six so far? Willow being this season's 'Big Bad', Tara dying, Anya becoming a vengeance demon again... there are big changes afoot.CliffyB: Well, since my wife is out of town and I've yet to watch this week's episode, I'd like to thank you for spoiling it!Still, I had an inkling that all of this wackiness was going to occur - and I'm glad. I felt that this season was kind of meandering around aimlessly since the musical episode and to see the shit hit the fan again is always welcome in my eyes. Buffy is at its best when people are suffering.