What about the Xbox?

The Xbox version of WarPath offers nearly identical styles of gameplay to the PC version. Essentially, when comparing a console game to a PC game, there are only a few things we can talk about. The major differences would have to be HUD, Control Scheme, and Performance level.


The HUD is as identical as it can be to the PC version. Unfortunately, this leads to a form of consolitis for the PC version, as the menu system on the Xbox works well for the Xbox, but hasn't got nearly enough options for a PC game. The HUD contains all the relevant information for the game, and positioning is fine, all the information you need is easy to find.

Control Scheme

The controls on the Xbox are relatively simple and straightforward. As with every FPS on the Xbox, it virtually copies the Halo control scheme by default. It is easy, however, to sprint and ramp, which at first hot seemed like it might be difficult but turned out to be about just as easy. Switching between weapons, however, is more cumbersome in the default control scheme. To do so, you have to bring up the weapons menu, and then press the analog stick in the direction of the weapon you want to use. Ultimately, the game is easier to control on the PC, but is by no means difficult to control on the Xbox.

Performance Level

WarPath's performance is slightly better than Pariah on the Xbox. At load time, you do have to wait a short time for the menu system to load, and in between map changes you will find yourself waiting only a few moments before the maps load (there is some performance issues immediately when you load a map as other assets are loaded, I assume, but they go away before you start playing). Performance while playing rarely ever becomes laggy or choppy, the visuals look good and run smooth, which we would expect from an Xbox production this late in the game.

Split screen, bad idea monkey

Unfortunately, the one thing that WarPath desperately NEEDED was a split screen mode on the Xbox, which they left out. Playing the game with bots is passable, but they tend to hover around the flags in CTF or to wander aimlessly in other gametypes. A split screen mode, especially in the single player, may have made the game more interesting, or help to get people's friends more interested in the game. As it stands, the lack of this feature means that one of the main draws of a console version of a game (playing with friends) is not possible, and thus essentially ruins the Xbox version of the game.

At $29.99 (a full $10 more than the PC version), and without split-screen support, WarPath on the Xbox falls short of the mark that the PC version sets for it. Also, the removal of the very cool MAP Editor from Pariah leaves little to the interest or entertainment of Xbox gamers.

Xbox score: 60%

Bottom Line (PC)

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