DoubleDomination Maps

Core - "There's not all that much difference between splitting an atom and splittling open a man's skull. All you need is the right tool for the job and a little finesse. But leave the atom smashing to the professionals and focus your efforts on crushing your opponents instead.
... And try not to blow us all off the face of the planet." -Overseer Thale

Core is a tight, tall, dark map. Set in a twin reactor core, this map towers dozens of stories, with pipes and walkways criss-crossing overhead. There are really only a few twisting paths to each control point, but in the darkness it seems like many more. Luckily, the corridors are well marked with the controlling team's colors.

Everything about this map screams "detail", from the complex circuit boards gracing the walls, to the swishing beams of light pouring in from overhead grills, and the glowing conduits under the glass floor. There's even a nice team-pod starting room providing enough cover to prevent spawn killing, yet it is only a few seconds away from the action.

Choose your path wisely, it's often better to surprise the defending team from above than it is to push your way through the narrow (but more direct) route on the floor. Items are well-placed, with a few surprises for those willing to explore.

RaptoR: DOM-Core is a futuristic map which allows domination points to be attacked from different levels, making for fast-paced action.

hal: This is a great DD map. The atmosphere is first-rate and there are lots of opportunities for surprise attacks from above. It's a complex map, but easy to navigate once you learn the basic layout. 9/10

Outrigger - "The Tournaments demand power. Precious gases refined on this platform area mere facade; the processing of your soul will be the mainstay here."

Set on a building-like ship floating in what has to be the wildest skybox ever seen. Colors swirl and change with an eerie irridesence overhead, and stark, harsh lights hanging from girders light the control area.

This map can be disorienting at first. The towering center area is somewhat complex and jump pads send you sailing upwards to floor after floor. If you look carefully, there is actually a fairly direct route right through the center, leaving the rest of the play area for those respawning or seeking power-ups.

The lighting here is outstanding, with many nice touches that you may miss in your hurry to the control points. The map is large enough for a good player load, but never leaves you too far away from where you need to be. Creative players will find many ways from point to point.

RaptoR: Confusing skybox aside, DOM-OutRigger makes great use of the z-axis, and is great fun with a large number of players.

hal: great look, great layout, great skybox. Two deceptively close control points seperated in the middle by layers of gameplay. 7/10

Ruination - "Amidst the torn foundations of long dead empires, new generations feed the frozen ground the warmth of blood. Will you make your mark on the scarred stone of old?"

A beautiful, snowy map filled with castle ruins and twisted trees. The terrain plays a big factor here. Double-jumps and dodge-jumps are the only way you'll make it to the control points in time to thwart your opponent.

The powerups are on the outskirts of this map, and one sits at the center on a hard-to-reach hilltop. It's difficult to retake a control point without teamwork. The neighboring hillsides give a great vantage point to the controlling team. Thankfully, grabbing the most powerful weapons require leaving the area undefended. It is a very large map, however, and you will often find yourself struggling to make it to a control point in time. If you are killed as the countdown begins, you probably aren't going to make it back in time.

This is one of the "wow" maps in the game. The locale is unique, the crumbling walls look authentic, the snow-crusted ground textures are simply breathtaking. The lit torches provide a nice contrast to the dreary sky, and provide a mystique evoking the right atmosphere.

RaptoR: While DOM-Ruination is visually impressive, the map is confusing to navigate, and, in my opinion, too large for a Domination map.

hal: Yeah, it's definitely a large map, and it's built for high player loads. Some scores will happen simply because you can't reach the control point in time, but I guess that's part of the game. It's a beautifully made map, however, and has great gameplay around the control points. 7/10

Scorched Earth - "The stench of brimstone fills the air, as sulphurous clouds move overhead and menacing laval bubbles below. The thick layer of rust on the remaining structures provides dubious protection for the metal ravaged by the many corrosive agents that poison the atmosphere. The environment is as lethal as the competition, making for one unforgiving battleground."

A towering twin stronghold on a metal platform, raised over a smoldering lava-filled terrain is where the action takes place in this map. It architecture evokes the same kind of feel as CTF-Citadel, though it is not as dark. A central building provides spawn cover, and a central jump pad grants players access to the second level.

The control points are housed on opposite sides of the smallish map inside of the towers. Each room can be reached from one of two entrances, however, the control room is too cramped to camp in, and there is no cover to be found within. This map plays fast and furious. If you were confused by any of the other DD maps, you'll be happy with Scorched Earth.

RaptoR: DOM-ScorchedEarth takes place on the same volcanic world as CTF-Magma. Impressive looks aside, ScorchedEarth plays well, giving attackers a number of routes into the bases.

hal: This one looks great, but is best played with smaller numbers. The flag room is small and it's hard to watch both entrances unless you find a nice spot on one of the ledges over the door. Fast and fun action. 7/10

Sepukku Gorge - "Ah, nature. The earthy browns and lush greens of the jungle. The quiet hum of animal and insect life going on about its business. The piercing battlecry of a geneboosted harpy bounding across the forest floor in her power armor. It's times like this that I miss the city."

This map takes place totally outdoors. The two halves are seperated by a deep gorge (hence the name) spanned by two natural rock bridges. One half features coniferous trees and the other more tropical. The well crafted trees and powerful new terrain give this map a very natural feel.

Players spawn far from the control points, and both teams re spawn in the same area, meaning that the portal nearby is your best bet for getting out of the enemy line of fire, and into the control point area as quickly as possible. Alternately, you can run up to a sniper ledge overlooking the control point where you'll find a LightningGun waiting. The control points are both on raised platforms, so you'll have to fight your way up the ramp or Shield jump to it.

Only one side has an ION Painter Gun, which can be reached by steping into a cauldron/jump pad that shoots you onto a ledge overlooking the gorge.

RaptoR: DOM-SepukkuGorge is similar to Antalus in terms of visuals, and you certainly won’t be disappointed in this department. In many ways, SepukkuGorge is a model Domination map.

hal: Wow... looks nice! I like the layout of this map. It's definitely challenging to retake a control point, but at least you are well-armed from the outset. 8/10

Sun Temple - "Beneath the watchful eye of Ra, a thousand warriors have shed their blood on the stone and soil of the majestic Sun Temple. Take part in a celebration of the strength and skill of those who have come before you."

Essentially a wheel-shaped map with control points at opposite ends. The spokes are bridges to the outer rim and also have an inner corridor that leads to the center, where you'll find a jump pad to take you to the top level.

The control point rooms are accessed by a long tunnel on the ground floor, leading up stairs to the CP. The problem with this route, is that you are in full view of the defenders unless you drop off to the side of the tunnel and continue toward the stairs. The second and third entrances are found on the top level of the map and lead downward along the wall to the CP platform. Only a handful of columns can help hide you from the CP defenders.

This is another Egyptian-themed map, complete with statues and wall decor. A nice touch is the atrium roof that soars high overhead, giving it an interesting mix of old and new. Sand dunes have somehow found their way into two opposing "wedges" of the wheel, as have a few randomly fallen artifacts. Overall, the theme is carried out well and the layout is quite unique.

RaptoR: You’ll have the most fun in DOM-Suntemple with a large number of players. This Egyptian-themed level, although difficult to defend at times, should be popular online in the future.

hal: I think another jump pad to the top would have helped this map a lot. You have to run to the center of the map, and back to the edge again before you can even think about attacking the enemy base from the upper floor. That said, this map is lots of fun, and it's full of nice gameplay touches (like the ability to drop off the side of the CP tunnel). I think the majority of action will not take place in the sandy areas, so those are kind of wasted. Another unique map from Eepers. 7.5/10