BeyondUnreal's FlagPack 2004 Review

Released in August of this year, the FlagPack is a collection of Capture the Flag maps, largely remakes, that were created and reworked to breathe some life into the competitive community. While an eye was definitely kept on gameplay, you'll find that these maps mostly don't disappoint in the looks department either.

Upon installation, you'll find the following maps added to your Maps folder:

  • CTF-FP-Anfractuous2 - Author: Scourgem
  • CTF-FP-CamperCrossings - Authors: GI, Zimeon
  • CTF-FP-DuelingKeeps - Authors: Cubic
  • CTF-FP-DyingHonor - Authors: GI & Cubic
  • CTF-FP-Inamorata - Authors: Odds, Cubic
  • CTF-FP-Skylink - Authors: F|shBulb, Cubic
  • CTF-FP-Sobek - Authors: FishThrower, Odds, Killbait!
  • CTF-FP-SpiderCrossings - Authors: GI, FishThrower
  • CTF-FP-Terra Author: Killbait!
  • CTF-FP-Tutorial - Author: Zimeon
  • CTF-FP-UnderGround Authors: Cubic, GI, Killbait!
  • DM-FP-Dismemberment Author: GI
  • DM-FP-Nictu Author(s): GI

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