Interview with Vince Desi
Postal 2: Share the Pain
Developer: Running With Scissors
Publisher: Running With Scissors

If you haven't played Postal 2 yet, you haven't experienced the thrill of whomping off a gimp's head with a shovel, the patriotic glee of whuppin' Islamic fanatics intent on Jihad, or the gratuitous violent release of setting Gary Coleman on fire with a Molotov Cocktail. Suffice it to say, you've been missing out, at least until now.
A game as absurdly fun as Postal 2 can only come from the mind of a team that is at least ten degrees starboard of normal, and that's what you'll find at Running With Scissors. Don't believe me? I sent along a few questions to their Chief Muckety Muck Vince Desi concerning their upcoming Postal 2 multiplayer addon, 'Share the Pain':BU: What prompted you to want to self-publish 'Share the Pain'?Vince Desi: Honestly, the guy in charge at the publisher turned out to be an asshole. And I don't play well with scumbags that lie so I said frig it and we're gonna do this ourselves, and i have alot more experience than he did so what the fuck...thats another reason for us to become publishers, developers need a honest relationship with a publisher and not just be victimizedBU: How has the beta testing gone? Are you on target to release 'Share the Pain' in time for the December holidays? I can't imagine anything more 'Christmasy' than an online Postal 2, shovels akimbo...Vince Desi: Thanks to that grinch publisher we're all busting our asses here in super drive to get it out, we're actually in production now, so can't say for sure what stores will have it for xmas but it will be readyBU: Can you tell us a little about SNATCH, your CTF variant for 'Share the Pain'?Vince Desi: Just a little...when i was a kid and i played ctf in real life a flag was like shit, now older and more mature :), I'd rather play SNATCH in real life too and in P2STP, its real simple we got these Postal Babes acting like ho's and its your job to snatch the other teams ho, seriously when you see this you will piss yourself,i cant watch it without rolling on the floor, just something real funny.. i mean we've got gary running around with a piece of ass on his back hahahah!BU: Will there be brand new levels in 'Share the Pain'? If so, can you describe one or two of your favorites?Vince Desi: We've got 14 new levels, 25 characters, and 17 teams, we also have new stuff in the sp, right now my favorite is ShanytownBU: Tell us how the Postal Babes 2004 Calendar contest went down. Did you finish the photo shoot? Will the calendar be available for purchase?Vince Desi: Went down all right, this aint easy you know, seriously I had some girls come to my office and take their clothes off and I knew right away they weren't cut for the job, a body check for tattoos, scars, etc can be hard work....the contest was a riot, and we're putting a poster in the new box, i decided on a poster cause a calendar is too expensive, with all the crap goin on i had to save money to get it into the stores, but I'm now planning a DVD project for the Postal Babes next year... we might make the poster available who knowsBU: What will RWS be working on next? Can we all look forward to a Postal 3, or do you have something else deviant in your future?Vince Desi: we've already got the concept for P3 in the works...deviant, hey 12 years of catholic school is finally paying off....I'm also really lookin forward to helping other developers get their title published the right way.BU: Thanks, VinceVince Desi: always, my pleasure, happy bird to everyone!V
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