Could you introduce yourself and your mod a little to the readers?

Well, my name is Jelmer Boskma and I'm taking care of Organized Crime with my function as project leader. I'm doing 2D-Work time to time, and the webdesign and management is on my hand aswell. Organized Crime was started not really long ago, when I feld the need for a multiplayer game based on a lot of great stories, movies and single player games. Organized Crime is a mod set in the American mob era around 1930. Lot's of historical weapons as the Tommy gun and pump-action shotgun will make their entrance here.

Where does your inspiration come from for the mod?

Like I stated in the last question, there is a lot of reference material available about our genre and we make good use of it. When I look up above my monitor I see a big row of mafia and crime DVD's. (And of course, the Godfather-trilogy on vhs)

Can you describe the mood of your mod?

The mood really changes from map to map. Every ambience is completely different. You will be facing off yours enemies at dark and foggy warehousedistrics and docks, but there are also very happy bright days in the city shoppingcentre.

How will the maps play out?

All the maps will be very detailed and very big, so the players can make perfect use of the vehicles which are located in each map. We pay a lot of attention to our maps, and we try to give the gameplay mode is very flexible and movie like feel. You will hear more about this later on our website.

What will the cops do in-game?

The cops will mainly just be bugging the players. You will be having trouble from these guys when you will shoot your thompson in their seight. Once a player fired in front of an officer you will get some shots from him in return.

Is there any backstory to the mod?

We can't really speak of a basic story, the players create the story themselves, and once this mod is released it will be probably be amazingly good to people who are fond of creating ingame moviestories

Will the mod be released for 2003 and 2004?

Our goal is to make OC run on both UT2k3 as 2k4. 2 games, 1 mod, 1 kind of game server (offcourse more then 1). But you will be able to connect to OC servers with both the 2003 and 2004 version of the game.

What are your opinions of 2004?

Amazing game, but too bad it will cause us some more work to make OC now UT2k4 compatible.

How far along are you in development?

To be honest not really far. We are progressing slowly since we are paying alot of attention to all our work. At this moment we are creating a map, and the whole team is work on it. The concept artists create concept and ambience work. Modelers create props and static meshes. Skinners and textures work on the textures. Mappers do offcourse the map (brushes and bsp). It's a very close team, and not verry big.

When can we expect a release?

Rough date, before 2005

Any other comments?

Yeah we are looking for some more people in our team. If you have any skills in game development, don't hesitate, but contact me at

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