The maps don't seem to have a central theme, what makes a Jailbreak map different?

We don't think they ought to have a central theme. We're a gametype mod, not a mission pack! In fact, we like to see variety in our maps, the same way it's nice to have different types of maps for Deathmatch or CTF. What makes a Jailbreak map different? In practical terms, there's the jails and the arena. Mappers also need to take time to set up the scoreboard map and cameras in jails for prisoners to follow the action.

How easy will it be for an average joe to produce an Addon for Jailbreak?

It should be no harder than producing a mutator -- and asking 'how hard is it to produce a mutator' is like asking about the length of string! Add-ons really are just a special kind of mutator. From the player's perspective, they are different because they are configured in different part of the GUI, but that's just because we didn't like the way mutator options were done. Basically, Jailbreak Add-Ons are a Jailbreak-specific extension of the existing Mutator/GameRules interface into UT200x. We've provided all the information people need to work with the system on the Jailbreak Developer Network:

Jailbreak is known for being one of the most heavily documented mods, will this attribute be present in UT200x incarnation?

For players, there's a manual bundled with the mod. For coders and mappers, there is specification for just about every class that's in Jailbreak on the Jailbreak Developer Network, as well as overviews of how everything works.

If you had the time, what funky addon would you like to see for Jailbreak?

I wanted to implement something that told arena combattants the consequences of the fight. Sometimes, a capture can hinge on the result of an arena battle, and even the whole match. So it could be fun to have that on screen -- 'Win the fight to win the match!' and 'Lose this one and you've let the whole team down!' -- just something to heighten the tension a bit.

Any other comments?

Play Jailbreak! Map Jailbreak! Sorry, it's 23:37 the night before launch and I've been doing nothing but Jailbreak for the past week. Intelligent comments will have to wait for another time... ;)


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