Care to expand on this "Build and Deploy" system?

"Build and Deploy" is pretty much how it sounds. We will offer "Build Zones" in our maps, which can be controlled by any team. In these zones, you are offered a new menu, allowing you to use your hard-earned cash to build objects ranging from structures like sniper towers, sandbag walls, or stationary MG's, to mobile multi-passenger vehicles like personnel carriers, helicopters, and harrier jets. You are not restricted to the objects you build and deploy. You can choose from anything on your build menu. The build process can be sped up using contributions from teammates, meaning that teamwork will be crucial to set your defenses and offenses up quickly. That's all i want to give away for now. (ed. note: The ninjas are currently trying to pry out some more info.)

Anything else you want to say?

That's pretty much it. We have a trailer on the way shortly, and are currently quality checking our maps for the next release. At the time of this interview there is only one left.

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