DavidM from the Deathball team shares with us his opinions on Deathball and the Make Something Unreal Mod Contest.

What are your opinions about MSUC in general?
Can't tell yet, no results so far. I didn't like the last one at all (the one for UT in 2000), the judging was unfair (not all entries were really tested) and in the end only crap (yes :/) won in every category. The new one looks better organized, too bad their judging takes so long...we'll see.

Do you think that Deathball's large fanbase will be a factor in the judging?
Epic said fanbase doesn't matter, so no.

What did you think about the quality of the other mods?
Slap me around and call me arrogant, but I don't like a lot of it. Mostly it's your uncreative shooter with real weapons, or just old games redone with better graphics, which doesn't really help 'cuz the gameplay is just outdated. What I liked was marble mania (with new self-made maps and 6 players), tho it has no long time motivation and gets boring after 2 days, but I can tell you we had a lot of fun with it in that time on our Teamvortex internal LAN party some weeks ago. Well except for that one, none of the mods I played did it for me. *hides*

Where do you see Deathball heading in the next versions?
Gameplay wise we are close to perfection after lots of trying around between 1.2 and 1.7. The changes are mostly improvements in the presentation.

The replay system is pretty much done (so you can see your goals in slow motion again, and in the end of the match you'll see all goals again), new hud is coming, planing to have new free configurable models (WE NEED MODELERS/SKINNERS/ANIMATORS), few lil gameplay perfections. Oh and we'll get l33t bots, so you can finally play in singleplayer mode, and we have a tutorial coming which explains all stuff and tricks, even the advanced things. For all the small things you can check this list by our lead-coder Jero: http://2cool.free.fr/NTBD.txt

Can you explain what this Auto-Update System is?
You don't need to download new versions, when they are available you will be notified in the game and it will be downloaded there, like Command & Conquer and many other games do it. People who are really in the community will not need it, but most are probably not checking our forums or our main page, they just go play online sometimes and don't know what's going on, so that makes it easier for them.

What will you do if you win the contest? Will the mod go retail?
We won't win, but going retail sounds funneh.

You can download this fine mod at their official site

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