Ultimate Community Map Pack 3

Released on June 10, 2006, the Ultimate Community Map Pack 3 for Unreal Tournament 2004 consists of the works of some of the best community mappers. This third pack, containing a total of six maps, offers a few of the most unique maps released to date.

The maps are:


Player Count: 8-12
Author: LordSimeon

Two Nuclear missiles have been located off the coast of Australia on a secret military island. Use airstrikes and ground assault to neutralise the threat of a Nuclear strike against Australian soil.

  • hal: Lord Simeon is known for executing a theme and he does this here, quite nicely, by presenting the community with a somewhat unique Assault opportunity. Begin on an aircraft carrier complete with custom jets, storm a fortified island, take out the defenses, bust your way into the missile silos, ride a missle like a mounted steed back to the ship and BOOM!

    Creating an honest-to-goodness Assault level has to be one of the most difficult tasks you can undertake with Unreal Ed. Not only do you have to bang out convincing architecture (he has), rig custom scripts (check), and create a custom intro (oh yeah!), you also have to play test the hell out of it to try and squash all of the exploits... (uh oh). Therein lies the problem with this map. A beautifully executed theme can't hide the fact that parts of it are exploitable. I won't go into what those are. Most people will find them rather quickly, but I still wish that such a promising map could have been a bit more bullet-proof. To be fair, just about all of the official maps have exploits of one type or another, so if you can reach an agreement with your fellow players to avoid the exploits, you still end up with one hell of a cool Assault map. So close, Lord Simeon, so close! 7/10

    Raffi_B: When loading this map for the first time I had very, very low expectations. In all honesty I expected a race-map style spam fest with off-the-wall objectives and completely insane and unorganized gameplay. I was 80% wrong.

    This map is actually a lot of fun to play, though some of the objectives are a little odd. The first objective is so hard to defend that any team could easily complete it within a minute. Yet, the second objective is so easy to defend that even a skilled team could get shut down there for the entire remainder of the match. The jet fighters are a very interesting addition to the map, but serve as nothing more than a gimmick. Without any new weapons or movement, the fighters are essentially raptors with redesigned exteriors. That doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to use, though.

    The map is actually executed quite well considering how immensely complex it is, yet many times it seemed like there were problems that LordSimeon nor anyone else could truly fix, so a simple hack was devised to make the map work. For example, the level respawns you after every single objective. It doesn’t give you the option to respawn like most Assault maps, it just respawns you whether you like it or not. This was obviously done to prevent getting to objectives you aren’t supposed to access and, while this is a particularly annoying solution to the problem, there really is no other solution. Aside from that the map is also riddled with glitches and exploits, a few of which take place on the second objective. Given how much time LordSimeon invested in custom content, it would have taken a relatively minimal effort to clean up these problems and make the map truly awesome. The torpedoes could have been a little more powerful to help in clearing the second objective area of defenders, for example. Also, the jet fighter missiles are almost completely useless against anything other than the stationary turrets in the first objective. In addition the last few objectives are very awkwardly done, yielding gameplay that is frustrating for both defenders and attackers.

    Overall though this is one that definitely should be played at one time or another, either for the intense gameplay or the hilarity of dive-bombing your jet fighter into a group of unsuspecting defenders. Play this one whether you like Assault or not. 7/10

    Dark Pulse: LordSimeon comes through with another quirky map, continuing his streak from UCMP's ONS-UCMP-ABC and UCMP2's AS-UCMP2-Cruciatus. Unfortunately, there are two issues that hold this map back for me. The first is, as Raffi has said, that the second objective is too easy to defend. While it might be a novel idea for a player to have to stand on a point to retract the satellite's shield, this makes there be potentially no reward for doing so as all the enemy has to do is pick off the guy standing on the shield and all of the fire that's shooting it becomes null. The second is that this map is extremely buggy: Some playtesting by our FragBU crew revealed that it's possible to do lots of things that probably weren't intended. These sorts of bugs negatively affect the map as well as ruin any chances it had at serious competitve play. It's still a fun map to play, and you Air Power and/or Strangelove fans just might get a kick out of using such ordnance against your foes. 7/10

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Player Count: 6
Author: Sjosz

Officially known to be a desalination and decontamination facility to provide clean, drinkable water to cities in the region, rumours have been going that it was a floatation testing facility of sorts as well. However, the rumours are but rumours because they were never confirmed. It's waters stand symbol for the furiosity of the matches. You don't want to venture a swim in here, instead just go with the flow

  • hal: Jos 'Sjosz' Hendriks, author of maps like CTF-UCMP-Aquatica and co-author of DM-UCMP2-Taron, really seems to have identified his style. That style, apparently, is "old school". You won't find lots of useless meshes hanging about. In fact, you'll be lucky to spot one in the play area. All the pretty stuff is tucked neatly out of the way. This map, by the same author, falls solidly in that category. In fact, you can think of this map - ideal for 4-6 players - as a very small version of Aquatica. Unfortunately, it also carries over one of my annoyances from that map - dead end side spawn rooms. Dead ends aren't very welcome to flag runners, nor to respawning defenders. I just don't see the need for them. Other than that, it has a nice undulating layout, with just a little bit of crossover. With the recommended player loads, you should be okay. Any more and you'll be respawning more than firing. 6.5/10

    Raffi_B: Wow, this one certainly reminds me of Quake. The architecture is very well-executed, but this map’s problems lie in its layout. The spawn rooms just don’t work well at all, and the dead ends with un-openable doors serve as a distraction more than an enhancement to the map’s feel. Upon ignoring the useless areas, the map is actually quite small, almost perfectly suited for 3v3 or 4v4. The flag room is a bit too easily defendable, since the attackers come from primarily one direction. The shock rifle is also very close to the flag, which makes defending even easier since the doorways into the flag room are ripe for shock combo spam. The architecture is very unique even though it may not seem like it at first. Much of the map takes place at awkward angles, and while it certainly gives the map a very unique feel, at times this is a bit disorienting. The center area is probably one of the best parts of this map, with a defendable but ambushable powerup and some exciting flag running routes. The visuals are certainly well-done, but some of the fundamental layout flaws prevent this map from being truly great. 7/10

    Dark Pulse: Sjosz is quickly becoming a familiar name around these parts, if for nothing else than because his maps have a rather distinct "old school" sort of feel. This almost feels like something you'd run into on a UT99 map. Though there are some nitpicky bits - I agree with much of what Raffi said, especially the dead end doors and how easy it is to defend. (and I'm a defensive CTF player, at that!) It's still quite good and the relative small space of this map means you won't ever be too far from the action, nor will you be playing a game of "Find the Flagcarrier" either - and that could be a good thing. 7/10

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Player Count: 2-6
Author: Moonflyer

The meteors in quadrant 17 of the Nebula were known for centuries, but it wasn't until the planet Na Pali was discovered that its mysterious capacity to float became known. Many investigations later, scientists are still puzzled as to how Methriril can ignore the laws of gravity and maintain a steady position in a low-pressure environment. This hasn't stopped investors from using it, though. The material is widely used to replace satellites and weather stations...and one deathmatch location for warriors that aren't afraid of heights.

  • hal: Here's the gimmick map and boy is it a doozy. Chong 'MoonFlyer' Lee recommends 2 players for this map, and while that might be fun for "peek and shoot" gameplay, I think you just need to load this one up with 4 or 5 players and just go free for all. In the end, we all know that a map with jump boots, semi-hidden lifts, and very slick custom "ladders" isn't going to make it onto any 1 on 1 ladders anyhow. But boy is it fun.

    Set on a rock, floating high up in the air, this futuristic jungle-gym level looks awesome. A terrific skybox, complete with jets randomly "booming" overhead, helps solidify the atmosphere, and a sharp metallic texture theme and the aforementioned custom lifts and ladders really make this one memorable. The jump boots aid in getting you in position to knock the camper off the top of the structure and just may save your ass if you take a fall from the top. The 100 armor and U-amp are at the very bottom, giving you a little extra incentive to move around.

    Don't think about "why"... just play it and grin. 7.5/10

    Raffi_B: You know, judging by the screenshots I didn’t expect much from this map other than feast for the eyes, but upon playing it I felt like it was more than that. It had a very unique style of play – one that required you to be aware of your enemies not only in front of you or to your side but also above you and below you. I think a map that requires a player to check every single possible angle around him to ensure safety is one that will give the most exciting matches.

    From a technical point of view, Moonflyer did an amazing job, with clean textures, amazing architecture, and a finished feel. The only things that stood out to me as being out of place were the smaller gimmicks such as the beeping weapon bases, ladder-style boosters, and awkwardly-placed lifts.

    This map feels to me as though it would be best suited for the Invasion gametype, to be perfectly honest. In any other gametype, the only strategy that proved to be effective was camping the topmost area and waiting for lift-jumpers to attack you. However this strategy isn’t nearly as effective on this map as on many others, since there are very many methods for attacking the top – jump boots, a few lifts, shield jumps, and the ladder boosters.

    Overall I think this was a bold idea to try, but it just can’t be done in this game. Props to Moonflyer to coming closer to getting it right than anyone else has come before. 7/10

    Dark Pulse: You may look at Altitude and be tempted to pass it up for a variety of reasons - don't. This level is perfect for small gatherings and, due to its design, fights can take place virtually anywhere. The theme is consistent and well done and, even though I'm not a big fan of the chrome-polished look, it's pulled off quite well here. The pickups scattered along the lower tiers (Including Jumpboots!) will give even the seasoned tentsmen on top an incentive to pop back down every so often. A fun little diversion and a map that does fast action well - something that is sorely lacking from your average 2k4 experience. 8/10

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Player Count: 4-8
Author: BIOS

Dry winds and pipelines in the remote desert. Automated machinery bleeds the ground dry. The caustic residue of processes unknown coats your lungs. If only you could drink the water.

  • hal: It's refreshing to see a good TDM sized map. The level preview recommends 4-8 players and that's just about perfect. There is a good combination of open and "tight" spaces in which to fight and there are three distinct levels of action help make sure that you're not bumping into one another. Weapon placement is good and pickups are appropriately risky. BIOS has done an outstanding job creating interesting areas around which to fight for the 100 and 50 armor and the amp. My sole gameplay gripe is with some of the center spawn points. On more than one occasion I found myself respawning almost directly in front of the person that fragged me. The level looks quite nice and features a number of nice touches. This is the author's finest work, in my opinion. 8/10

    Raffi_B: Probably one of the more hardcore maps in the pack. The layout is simple yet effective, with one large area in the center and several smaller rooms bordering it. The visuals are cleanly done but not anything outstanding. The main problem with this map is that no matter what gametype you play in it, map control is too easy. The central area is very open, with powerups and weapons in easily-controllable (albeit out of the way) areas. In TDM an experienced team could lock this map down very easily. A few more valuable weapons and powerups could have been placed in the lower areas to facilitate a more balanced gameplay in my opinion. Other than that, the map is a fine piece of work.

    I have a strong liking to mappers that can use BSP effectively, and BIOS is certainly one of them. There are only a few things I would change about the visuals. Firstly, the skybox could be a little less solid red and a little more interesting to look at. Secondly, much of the lighting is red/orange. I think some more blue lights in the main central area could have given that area a big boost in contrast and visual appeal. Overall BIOS certainly did a fine job with a map that will probably see some competitive TDM/TAM gameplay. 8.5/10

    Dark Pulse: This is a great TDM map. The layout is good and it's perfectly sized. The level is relatively free of Static Meshes to get hung up on, which is quite a common complaint with these sorts of maps. Pickups are well spaced and after a few runs you quickly pick up on where everything is in the level. It's clean and simple, but don't let that turn you off from playing it - although if you just have to have a map that uses all the bells and whistles, this one just might not have enough sizzle to be your cup of tea. 8/10

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Player Count: 2
Author: Slainchild

Glorian was once a small water evaporation facility, set on a secluded island in the middle of nowhere. At the turn of the century, Liandri commissioned this idyllic location and converted it into a deathmatch arena for use in their tournaments. Fame and glory await...

  • hal: Simply put it's Slainchild's best map yet, both visually and from a gameplay perspective. The theme seems to give a nod to Quake 4 with its almond and brown trim and its fusion of tech and rock - it's just a gorgeous map. You'll find Slainchild's trademark super-risky 50 armor high overhead, accessible by one of two buttery-smooth oversized lifts. Every hallway, every mesh, every weapon placement just makes sense. There's no reason to try and nitpick this one. Epic - buy this one for UT2007, please! 9.5/10

    Raffi_B: Put DM-Saiko, DM-1on1-Roughinery, and DM-Goose in a blender and you have this latest creation by Slainchild. This beautifully-crafted map includes many key factors in producing some very interesting gameplay, so the map is still fun to play at all skill levels and in all gametypes. There is a good proportion of outdoor hitscan-dominated areas to indoor projectile-dominated areas, yielding an ideal map for balanced gameplay. Some of the areas have some awkward architecture to navigate, but all in all the map is a fresh yet traditional take on UT2004’s gameplay. Slainchild skillfully blends BSP with some great high-contrast lighting such that the end result is a clean-looking yet visually-appealing level. Slainchild might be one of the most skilled BSP-oriented mappers to cross this earth, ladies and gentlemen.

    There are, however, a few minor problems with the map. The spawns were not very well placed and a few of the weapons were too hard to get to and ambush, making the map control a little too easy. Aside from these factors, the map is certainly something to keep on your hard drive. 9/10

    Dark Pulse: Oh my! This is probably one of the best 1v1 maps I've seen. What can I really say that Hal and Raffi haven't already? This map has it all. Like your hitscan? You're covered. Like your projectiles? You're covered there too. And you're never too far away from your opponent, regardless of your playstyle. There's plenty of health and ammo to go around - but not too much, mind you. Be careful who you go up against here as it could be pretty easy to lock down the entire map, and if that happens, you're in for a terrifying game of cat and mouse. Try not to be the mouse. 9/10

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Player Count: 2-6
Author: Luv_Studd

I'm sorry for your loss. You will live on in the hearts and minds of those you fought.

  • hal: I'm a big fan of Steve Keene's maps and, while I wouldn't say this is his best, it's definitely a very good map. As usual, Steve's created a tastefully designed map (nice brick texture from Strogg too) with plenty of cool jumps and a number of ledges that offer the ability to implement surprise attacks from above.

    The problem with this map is really symptomatic of the game itself - it heavily favors hit scan gameplay; the Lightning Gun and Shock Rifle in particular. There are a few places where the sightlines are just too long and the weapon/item placement doesn't do much to take away that advantage. You have an awesome amp placement and a semi-risky 50armor, but the 100 armor sits in a comfy little camping spot not far from three or four health packs. That alone, in my opinion, makes it not work for 1 on 1. Since the Lightning Gun and Shock Rifle aren't really on polar opposites of the level, it doesn't work too well for TDM either. It's really best for about a 4 player free for all. Any more than that and you really aren't able to respawn away from the action. It's so close to being a great map. 7/10

    Raffi_B: This map has a great mix of good visuals and fun gameplay. Rarely does a map come along that can do both very well, and this map is certainly one of them. The theme is executed to near-perfection – if DM-Goose and DM-Grendelkeep had relations, their offspring would be this map. Much of the architecture is very difficult to navigate, however. Sometimes you have to attempt a simple jump many times just to get to a place that’s only a short distance away. This, coupled with the fact that the map is absolutely littered with dodge-ramps and lift-jump opportunities, yields some pretty tense gameplay at times. The map’s awkward architecture forces you to invent your own way to move around it, and I think whoever masters that concept will be the one who wins the match.

    The visuals are for the most part very well-executed. Some areas look very bland and unattended, while others are truly amazing. The texturing is a bit repetitive throughout the map, but rightfully so. Some of the item placement is a bit questionable yet the gameplay seems to fit perfectly with how the items are laid out. Overall this one is one of those love-it-or-hate-it kind of maps, so certainly give it a try. 7/10

    Dark Pulse: Remember Steve Keene? You should. He contributed, among others, two excellent maps to the previous installment of UCMP, UCMP2. Does this one hold up to that high standard? Yes, but... probably not as great as it could have. What you've got here is a fairly big map with a standard theme of ruined warehouse of some fashion. It's all well done, well spaced and well laid out, but... it just seems to lack that certain something, that little extra bit of panache that could put it over. This is by no means a bad map, nor one I wouldn't recommend you play. It's just rather plain and lacking that special something that makes you sit up, take notice, and retain a lasting image in your head. 7/10

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Overall Score: 7.6

If you haven't already, make sure you download this pack for some good old-fashioned fraggin' fun. Enjoy!