Have you encountered any technical difficulties while developing the mod? Any interesting stories about development?

A game like COR really pushes the technical limits of current-generation technology, and requires us to really find unique solutions to make it all work. The transform system has by far been the most difficult challenge for us, as we have had to research, and implement a robust transform system to make transforming work seamlessly and efficiently. When a player initiates a transform, we swap between these highly optimized vehicle, transform and character rigs. Getting things working seamlessly in reality is much harder than just described, as it takes meticulous coordination between modelers, animators, and programmers.

I know this sounds really childish, but the art in the trailer looks amazing (link). Explain the concept behind the art, and what kind of technical backgrounds do the artists have?

Designing a fully transforming character from scratch that looks excellent as a vehicle and also as a personable character is a serious challenge. All of our characters are designed from scratch, and each one takes up to 4 weeks to design on paper. From that point our modelers take over and have to model a fully articulate, transforming character, then texture it, then split it into 3 functional models. After that our coders implement each character, having to deal with all the unique aspects of each and every character, this does not get faster with time since each one is so functionally and aesthetically different. Our art team is very talented, as is the whole team, and has a broad background. COR artists range anywhere from college students, to hobbyists that work in other art-related industries, even a couple that have had experience in the game industry.

Anything else you'd like to add?

We are always looking to get more help with COR, there is still a lot to be done before COR will be ready for beta. COR functions a little differently from most mods, as we make heavy use of the iterative process and give out weekly assignments and feedback, much like a professional studio does. We have a recruitment page on our website that lists all the positions we are in need of, check it out at http://corproject.com/recruitment.php

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