Sir Brizz

On the ten year anniversary of the release of UT, I can only look back with fondness at the years that have gone by.

While I was not much of an online gamer while UT was popular (we still had a 56k modem, for crying out loud!), the thousands of hours I must have spent playing botmatches will always remain memorable to me. The fact that UT could be modded and have all kinds of additional content brought into the game, with mods, mutators, maps, etc made my day more times than I can count. I remember playing the early versions of Infiltration as it was ported from Unreal. I recall playing Assault more times than I can count. And UT is possibly where I found my love for classic Capture the Flag.

However, one of my favorite things to do in UT was to take this arena map that I downloaded from some clan (It was literally just a round arena) that had "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica playing in the background, load up MatrixMoves and Tally-Ho, set it to spawn only bugs constantly, get the redeemer and then nuke the poor things in slow motion. I'm pretty sure I did this for hours and hours on the same level with the same mutators and found it funny every single time.

Another thing I enjoyed was playing against Loque, the most feared of all bots. I swear on Average difficulty that guy could hit you in the head from all the way on the other side of Hydro.

A funny related story, when UT came out I didn't have enough money to buy it, so I picked it up off of eBay for $15. It ended up being from Romania or something and appeared to be some kind of warezed copy. The CD insert had Russian all over it! Later in life I have purchased the game again several times in several different forms and have fond memories of playing the game in many different ways, because that is what UT is all about. Whatever floats your boat.