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ONS Plus Beta 4 Released

John 'Shambler' Barrett

has released

beta 4 of ONS Plus, which, as it turns out, will probably be the final version of this mutator. Here is what it adds:

  • Drop checks: If an exit point of your vehicle is at a long drop you will not get out of that exit point (unless all points are at a drop)
  • Exit selection: You can now choose which side of your vehicle you want to get out from (configurable with console commands, dodge-style function)
  • Random initial-spins that sometimes happen with the Raptor and Manta have been fixed
  • The stuck 'Missile Lock' warning has been fixed
  • SPMA camera getting stuck in water fixed
  • SPMA camera being able to see thru fog when camera view is outside of map fixed
  • Scorpion turret sometimes getting stuck as charged even when vehicle is empty has been fixed
  • When linking with teammates, the score is shared evenly (THIS INCLUDES DESTROYING NODES ASWELL AS BUILDING THEM)
  • Score for repairing occupied vehicles and turrets
  • Score for damaging occupied vehicles and turrets
  • Map vote menu clipping text has been fixed
  • Map vote menu opening a second time (after opening manually) fixed
  • Fixed not being able to enter vehicles while ducking
  • Fixed not being able to throw away link gun with one ammo
  • Fixed not being able to exit Raptor when pressed close to ground
  • Fixed respawn exploit with vehicles