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Map Review Roundup: Face Edition

Well, it's only fitting that this next map have the spotlight all by itself.

Unreal Playground

have decided, that with the era of UT'03 about to kick off, to begin a look back at some of the maps that were included with the retail version of UnrealTournament. It's only fitting that they started with the CTF map that was played more than any other by far. In fact, it was played more than all of the DM maps combined! Of course, it could be none other than CTF-Face. For this special edition UP also has a short Q&A with Cedric “Inoxx” Fiorentino, the man behind the map. An excerpt of the conversation:

HortonsWho: “Where did the inspiration for CTF-Face come from?”

Inoxx: “There was a map done by someone in the community, for the original Unreal, I don't remember the name or who did it, but it had a nice theme with 2 bases linked by a short bridge, each base had a small tower. I decided to do something similar but I wanted sniping to be a major element of the gameplay so I used tall towers instead.”