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ModSquad Reviews MapMixer v1.00 & Akimbo Arena


reviews two must-haves for your UT2003 experience.

  • MapMixer v1.00 - Whenever anyone asked me what I thought the essential things to download for Unreal Tournament were, XMaps always popped up. It was undoubtably one of the most useful mutators around. If you don't know what it was, basically it allowed you to switch gametypes on the fly, have maplists and favourite maps for gametypes that it would switch to, set default mutators for gametypes, and much more. MapMixer follows in the same way, but for UT2003. It has a very large feature list, and is packed full of ways to enhance the game.
  • Akimbo Arena - Akimbo weapons - holding two, one in each hand. UT had dual enforcers, but UT2003 doesn't have any akimbo weapons - until this mutator came along at least.