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Unreal 2: The Awakening BotMatch?

Well, it looks like creating a botmatch in Unreal 2 may not be too hard after all. According to a


by Mike at Legend on INA's Forums, it's actually possible. Here's the all important instructions:

This is totally unsupported but there is somewhat functional botmatch support in the game if you want to experiment with it (standalone games only -- multiplayer games won't work).

First, you'll probably want to make a new map or change an existing map to contain additional playerstarts and pickups (weapons and ammo).

To start the botmatch use

unreal2 xxx?game=u2.u2deathmatch

where xxx is the name of the level that you want to use.

Use addbots [x] to add bots to the level.

There are also a number of "mutators" available, e.g.

unreal2 xxx?game=u2.u2deathmatch?mutator=u2.rocketarena

There were mutators for most of the weapon types last time I looked and there is a "NIU2" mutator which cycles the weapons or gives everyone specific weapons (pretty similar to the NIU mod that I did for UT a couple years ago).

There's no UI for this but you can use

setskill x

to set the bots' skill, and


to get a "scoreboard" that shows you the current standings.

Disclaimer: this code hasn't been worked on in over a year and your mileage may vary. I'm pretty sure there was a problem with bots not always respawning when they die, so you may need to useaddbots again from time to time to "replenish" the bots.

Cool huh? If you've finished U2 and are looking for something different, why not give this a try and have a blast while you're at it!