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Unreal Engine 4 Free for Schools

In a rather generous move, Epic Games announces that Unreal Engine 4 will be free for schools and their students by

signing up

(and being approved, no doubt!) at the UnrealEngine website. Certainly putting your tools in the hands of the next generation of designers is a good thing.

Some highlights:

  • Leading Platforms. Use Unreal Engine 4 for all major platforms including PC, mobile and VR.
  • For Artists and Designers. Build complete games with Blueprint visual scripting, no coding required.
  • For Programmers. Study, examine and extend Unreal Engine 4's multimillion-line codebase through the GitHub community.
  • Learning Materials. In addition to the tools, features and code, Epic provides free tutorials, extensive documentation, AnswerHub support, complete sample projects, wiki and forum access, as well as weekly livestreams because open access to the engine, information and the people behind it all is the best way to learn game development.