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Offical Pre-Alpha Build of Next UT Released!

Today Epic has released an official pre-alpha build of the next Unreal Tournament. This is not even in alpha state, is buggy, has placeholder textures and models, and is not finished in any way. Epic recommends that people not play it. However, if you don't feel like heeding that warning, you can go ahead and register on the

official forums

and then visit the

official announcement thread

, making sure to READ WHAT IT SAYS. That will lead you to the download for the playable game.

REMEMBER this is not a final product. If you play the release, DO NOT expect it to be perfect. Please provide feedback on the UT forums. If you stream or record it, make sure to note that this is a pre-alpha prototype and does not represent the final product. Same with posting screenshots. Almost all of the artwork is not final in this version of the game. Don't sell it as something it is not.

Now that all of that is out of the way, you probably want to play online... right? Well we have you covered there as well. Just come to the

BeyondUnreal IRC channel

where community member raxxy has graciously provided a number of servers to play the game on. I'm not going to lie, it is already really fun!

Lastly, Epic has let us know if we can hit 300 in our IRC channel that JoeWilcox (aka DrSin) will come answer questions in there. Invite everyone you know so we can have a little Q&A!

See you in game!