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Killing Floor 2: Blood, Bullets, and Blades

Tripwire Interactive has been making the rounds with the gaming press, doling out chunks of new info on Killing Floor 2. One of the

better previews

can be found at PC Gamer.

In addition to more details of the gore system (and it does seem like it will up the ante significantly), they talk a bit about the new perk and melee systems. There will be 25 perk levels, each granting a passive skill (much like the current version), and every fifth level allowing the player to choose a custom perk to give each player a chance to specialize even more.

The most interesting aspect of the greatly expanded melee system is the ability to block. Correctly timing the move can reduce the damage inflicted by the zed, or even stagger it, giving your team a chance to pile on.

Below is the latest in the Meet the Zeds series of Killing Floor 2 trailers.