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Moving IRC... wheee!

When BeyondUnreal launched in 2001, there was only one Unreal Tournament game. We had taken off from PlanetUnreal only a short time previous and we were an active community of UT players. So, naturally, when we opened our IRC channel, we opened it on the network with the official UT channel and the largest segment of the UT community.

All these years later, and the utchat.com server has moved, the UT community has moved, and where we are feels pretty abandoned. There hasn't been much of a UT community and we feel like the best place for an official Beyond Unreal IRC channel is where the UT community thrives. Currently in each UT game that has an IRC client, the client connects to irc.utchat.com which has been purchased by

Global Gamers

. This means when you join the in-game chat, you are automatically connected to the #ut channel on the Global Gamers network, where they even check your UT version and push you to update if you are out of date. Pretty handy!

Starting today, we are going to be officially moving our registered channels to Global Gamers. For the most part, this simply means changing the IRC server you currently connect to to irc.globalgamers.net and joining the same #beyondunreal and #fragbu channels you might be joining today. We are still going to leave our existing channels in place for the time being, but plan to frequent them less and less as time goes on. We hope you will join us as we continue discussing UT and building our awesome community!