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Can I Has UT Files?!

Yes, yes you can.

Out of my own loving, cuddly heart, I have uploaded all of Beyond Unreal's UT file library to my Dropbox account and have made it public. You no longer have to go to other sites and wait in line for a server to download something.

What you see is what we got. I won't be taking submissions to add things on a regular basis. This is my private Dropbox account and I need it for other things as well so space is limited.

If you see empty folders it is because some of the 18,000+ files are still indexing and it should be go to go in a few hours.

Update: After some trial and error it has been shown that dropbox won't cut it. They have a 200GB per day download limit for public links.

Instead we're opting to use BitTorrent Sync, which can be found here.

The secret key needed to access the files is B5Y6V3TETX3KEK6HC4FUKHVPEQG36VYJX

After downloading BitTorrent Sync, you will be prompted to enter a key code under "I have a secret" or start sharing stuff yourself, you want to enter the key code then.

Thanks to Carbon for the BTSync suggestion.