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Kinect and Unreal Engine 4 Alzheimer's and dementia care project

Holy Cow! I some Unreal Engine news popped up recently.

Not only has the Unreal Engine been running in Firefox but a new project has popped up making use of Kinect and Unreal Engine 4.

The Forest Project uses the Kinect 2 along with Smart TVs to create a virtual woodland to give temporary reprieve to those suffering from disease like Alzheimer's.

There is a project page to help raise funds for it.

The virtual dementia experience is an interactive environment intended as an experiential learning exercise for professional carers to lead them into changing their attitudes and interactions with people living with dementia thereby transforming their approach to caring.So far we have assisted professional carers to understand environmental elements that are friendly or adverse to a person with dementia by experiencing a home environment in the same way a person with dementia would.

Goes to show you not everything needs to involve ripping giant bugs limb from limb