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Gamespy, Planets, No More

I think everyone saw this one coming with the recent buyout of IGN, but a number of sites

are reporting

that Gamespy, UGO, and 1Up have all been shut down.

A tweet

from someone on the UGO staff confirms this is so.

This is the last day for everyone here at UGO. So long, nerds, and thanks for all the fish

Our best wishes go with the departing staff of all the affected sites. It is never fun when someone loses a job.

Collateral damage from the closure includes all of the Planet sites, which had already been in archival state. As most of you know, PlanetUnreal is pretty much the birthplace of BeyondUnreal. Most of the original staff and community more or less made a road trip one evening and ended up right here, forming something similar but altogether better, free of their GamespIGN bonds. So it is with bittersweet emotions that I commemorate this day and I'll leave you with this, taken from our trip to Epic Games HQ way back in 1999: