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Epic Store Opens

Epic Games has announced the launch of

its storefront

, appropriately named the "Epic Store". All manner of merchandise is available for purchase as long as you aren't looking for anything that starts with "Un" and ends with "real".

Editorializing here for a moment, I find that to be quite shocking. I mean, even Jazz Jackrabbit gets a spot. No mention of the Unreal/Tournament games for sale on Steam - nada. In the press release there is a mention that the store will continually grow and new stuff will be added, but color me Blue (not red!) if our beloved franchise doesn't get some love.

Edit: I found a rather demure-looking "Ultrakill" T-Shirt. Okay, okay so that's a start. I'm still surprised, with the rich history and artwork readily available, that the series isn't featured more proudly.