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Free Killing Floor Christmas Update: To The Moon!

Killing creeps in space is always great and for this Christmas Tripwire Interactive is literally taking their

Killing Floor

sideshow to the the moon. A free update is out that bestows upon the player a brand new Horzine moonbase level, three new weapons, and lots of Christmas-themed zeds to destroy.

The first weapon is ideal for the Medic: a Schneidzekk Medic Gun that shoots a hail of bullets as well as healing darts. The second is a super-weapon that must be assembled by locating its hidden parts. The final weapon is a rather hefty axe that can be unlocked by collecting 40,000 gold in either the paid or free version of Dwarfs!?

All of this is free, of course. You can send Tripwire your thanks and your holiday wishes by checking out their new character D.A.R. (Horzine's Domestic Assistance Robot) and Gold-Plated weapon pack, each of which is available for purchase. Enjoy!