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UnrealDB Launches

It's been ages since I've been able to say something like this, but we've got a brand new Unreal website resource in our midst.


is just kicking off and plans to become a compendium of development resources and planned/released projects. Here, I'll just let Henrik say it in his words:

http://unrealdb.com was started to address the growing need for a more Unreal Engine specific website where users can submit and maintain game and other project listings, both completed as well as in progress, as well as anything to do with Unreal development, covering the gamut from legacy tools for Unreal Engine 1 to the very latest UDK builds.

Developer resources are categorized into Free tutorials, Community documentation and Retail products, such as books & dvds. Listing even retail products is currently free, and an asset listing is in progress.

Once registered, users can feel free to submit any Unreal Engine related projects or documentation they are aware of, not just their own, or contribute to building the FAQ.

We would like to note that all existing Unreal documentation websites, tutorial makers etc benefit from UnrealDB if they get it listed! Concerns of community fragmentation were a large consideration in the approach to building UnrealDB, in directing traffic to existing resources where possible.

Good luck, UnrealDB!