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Multiple UE3 Licenses For Top Korean Dev

Korean developer,

SmileGate Inc.

has licensed Unreal Engine 3 for two new projects. SmileGate is behind CrossFire, a first-person shooter which holds the distinction of having the highest number of concurrent users in the world.

"Project T" is a blockbuster action-MMORPG, armed with the stunning visuals that can be achieved with Unreal Engine 3, while "Project M" is a next-generation shooter that will establish SmileGate as a masterful developer of FPS experiences - not just in Korea, but for gamers around the world.

UE3 provides SmileGate with proven, stable technology that lends itself to ease of development and a high-quality end product, with an unparalleled content pipeline for the action and FPS genres, allowing SmileGate to concentrate all its resources on making great games with excellent gameplay.

The licensing agreement also contracts Epic Games Korea to give SmileGate technical support with the assistance of Epic Games headquarters and the UE3 licensee community, providing SmileGate's new projects with a global support network.

"I am completely confident we can present players with the best game possible by combining our advanced development know-how with the technology of Unreal Engine 3," said Andrew Yang, vice president of SmileGate. "We're not resting on our laurels after the success of 'CrossFire.' We want to get gamers around the world excited about the innovation and beauty of our two upcoming games."