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Epic Games Makes Waves At Korea GC

Epic Games is making a big splash at the Korea Games conference with a wave of press releases, so let's take them one by one.

  • Neowiz Games has licensed Unreal Engine 3

    “We're extremely privileged Neowiz Games elected to use Unreal Engine 3 for its next big projects,” said Wilbur. “We cannot wait to see what further great accomplishments Neowiz Games has in store. I say that not only as a friend and colleague, but also as a gamer. I cannot wait to play the games that will result from this partnership.”

  • Mark Rein twitters about Epic Citadel, the masses checking out the UDK, the UDK being able to generate iOS apps and UE3 making the leap to Android.
    • Over 1,000,000 people have downloaded and installed “Epic Citadel” from the iTunes App Store.
    • The Unreal Development Kit (UDK) now has more than 350,000 installations, which is pretty amazing for a game engine.
    • There are countless UDK applications from games to driving simulators to animated films. And soon we will be able to count mobile applications.
    • We announced UDK will be able to generate iOS applications!
    • We've demoed Unreal Engine 3 on Android w/ Tegra 2, and at KGC today we showed it on a Samsung Galaxy S device.

    UDK developers will soon be able to use the power of Unreal Engine 3 to create apps for iOS devices. If you check out the Apple Special Event from Sept. 1, you can see Mike Capps and Donald Mustard demoing “Project Sword,” our first game for iOS, being created at Epic’s Chair Entertainment. Just search for Apple Special Event Project Sword on YouTube.

    Dungeon Defenders was one of our original showcase games used to demonstrate how to use the Unreal Development Kit. Trendy Entertainment, a small development shop in Florida, created several dev diaries and released the source code for the game so UDK developers could learn from their experiences. Recently, Trendy because a full Unreal Engine 3 licensee so they could develop “Dungeon Defenders” for Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network and mobile platforms. Last week, they posted shaky cam footage to YouTube of “Dungeon Defenders” running on iPhone and Android.