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Borderlands' Claptrap DLC Hands-On, Interview

Destructoid takes

a hands-on look

at the fourth DLC to be released for Borderlands - Claptrap's New Robot Revolution. Fans of the humour found throughout Pandora look to be in for a real treat:

It looks like the writing, however, is where the game will really shine. I was told that every member of the team has left their fingerprints on the humor of the title, and it shows. Killing a punching-glove equipped Claptrap, for example, and he'll die while screaming “404 error: server not found.” Lines like these are littered throughout the game, and it's often a specific brand of humor for those who spend a little bit too much time online. It's great. Throughout the new area of Tartarus Station, the impact of the Claptraps are everywhere, with fake revolution posters designed to look like Che Guevera, among others, and the whole vibe is this silly little revolution gone weird. By far it is the funniest and goofiest interpretation of the Borderlands universe.

Meanwhile, Gamespot talks with Gearbox exec, Randy Pitchford, about the DLC and the upcoming patch. Amongst all the chatter you'll see Claptrap's New Robot Revolution in action.