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Bulletstorm, It Is...

At the end of 2009, it

became known

that Epic Games' Polish development arm, People Can Fly, had trademarked the name 'Bulletstorm'. It is no surprise then that the latest issue of Game Informer features that very game on its cover and in a lengthy feature.

While we won't

post scans

of the article, we can tell you that the game is shaping up to have a rather unique look. Best of all, Bulletstorm looks to be a purely action first-person-shooter with a hero who thrives on making an absolutely bloody mess of his foes. Using an assortment of firearms and his 'leash', protagonist Grayson Hunt puts the hurtin' on the bad guys with a skill-point incentive given for taking them out in ever more creative ways. Spend those skill points to upgrade your gear.

Again, for more details and lots of tasty pics, pick up the latest issue of Game Informer, the self-proclaimed world's #1 videogame magazine.