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Mirror's Edge Editor... Found?

Several people on the official Mirror's Edge community forums (well, maybe official...) have found a

clever way to get UnrealEd for Mirror's Edge enabled

. Pirating a few files from their UT3 Binaries folder, they were able to get the editor up and running and have even released a few

custom maps

! Pretty cool!

If you want to do it manually, just copy the wxRC and wxRes folders from your UT3\Binaries folder into your Mirror's Edge\Binaries folder and then run "MirrorsEdge.exe editor" like other UE3 based games.

It made me curious if any other UE3 games could have UnrealEd enabled so easily, so I'll be trying a few others out myself. Have you gotten this to work on other UE3 games? Have a Mirror's Edge map you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments!