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UT3 Patch 2 Beta 2 Changelist

Epic has privately released UT3 Patch 2 Beta 2 to its server list - meaning, it is not for public consumption. The changelist (note: this is in addition to everything that can be found in the

first two

lists) is as follows:

  • Fixed number of combatants slider range.
  • Fixed redeemer bug where redeemers impacting ceiling sometimes had explosion center imbedded in ceiling, affecting damage dealt.
  • Fixed stinger alt-fire stops with 1 ammo.
  • Added John Barrett (programming contractor), Michiel Hendriks (programming contractor), and Pancho Eekels (level design contractor) to credits.
  • Fixed spectator choppiness when camera is following a player.
  • Reduced non-warfare teleporter update range if bRealTimeCapture is false.
  • Fix for rare stinger shard crash when shard tries to impale two overlapping dead bodies at the same time.
  • Various localization fixes in all languages.
  • Fixed flying manta exploit.
  • Fixed duel match rules in scoreboard.
  • Fixed exploit to damage own core/nodes with rocket turret.
  • Fixed fast avril firing exploit.
  • Fixed vehicle turret replication in demos.
  • Fixed first person weapon display in demos.
  • Fixed incorrect strings displayed in rare cases in friends interaction menu.
  • Fixed player information on server browser history page not refreshing correctly.
  • Fixed UT3 crash on Windows Server 2003 and XP 64.
  • Fixed UT3 not shutting down properly when run as Steam application on Windows XP.
  • Fixed choppiness when viewing client-side demo playback.
  • Don't allow input processing during playback of client-side demos.
  • Fixed SPMA camera crash during demo playback.
  • Fixed demo playback log spam.
  • Added DemoFF and DemoSlomo console commands.  Can be bound to a key in UTInput.ini.
    • DemoFF toggles between 1x, 3.3x, and 10x fast forward.                
    • DemoSlomo takes a float between 0.1 and 10 which adjusts playback speed by that factor.
  • No spectating bar when spectating in first person.
  • Fixed ping display in client-side demos
  • Force vehicle physics updates during client-side demo playback