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UT3 Patch 2.0 Beta 1 Released To Testers

Epic has released Patch 2.0 Beta 1 to specific testers and server admins. Besides the sweet-looking new menu chock full of more options and a sexy black color scheme as you can see below, the changelist is the same

as in the original 2.0 Patch changelist

, with the following additions:

  • Try multiple STUN servers if first one fails. Fixes users incorrectly getting the "Your network configuration may not be compatible..." warning.
  • Various localization fixes in all languages.
  • Now writes mod config files to mod directory, and auto-find config files in moddir\config or moddir.
  • Now autofinds localization files in moddir\localization.
  • Now finds splash image in moddir\splash.
  • Fixed gamespy rank query results. Now always properly centers the querying player in the returned list.
  • Added a dialog warning users of nvidia driver version that are known to crash UT3, and to upgrade.

This patch is currently in private beta testing and not available to the general public. Please do not ask Epic for it.