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UWindows2 For UT3 Announced

There has long been an outcry for a return to Unreal Tournament's simple and effective user-interface and SolidSnake is answering the call for Unreal Tournament 3 players. Currently

under development

, a final release is slated for June 26.

uWindows2 from the start was designed to be fully customizable to provide players a powerful and flexible user interface. uWindows2 uses a configuration approach to laying out all of its on screen widgets, setting up all the styles for the widgets, hooking appropriate actions and data providers for widgets as well. This allows other people to create themes/skins for uWindows2 without having to recompile uWindows2. With this in mind, uWindows2 supports many themes/skins without having to overwrite any preexisting files, and the player is even able to switch between themes on the fly!

uWindows2 also changes the way profiles are handled. There are three different types of profiles being: system, offline profile and online profile. The system profile is loaded automatically, meaning that the player can configure Unreal Tournament 3 and start playing with minimal effort. The offline profile is best for players who use a shared PC, and wish to retain their own personalized settings. An offline profile can also be tagged with automatic log in, and that will act much like the system profile. The online profile will only need to log in when the player wishes to play online or use other online services. This should hopefully 'fix' the problems when logging in online becomes problematic!