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Tim Sweeney: PCs Are Good For Anything, Just Not Games

TG Daily

posted an

interview with Tim Sweeney

made during GDC2008. Interview covers the future of the PC as a game platform, the role of the next-generation of game consoles, the next Unreal engine as well as the future of Epic.

TG Daily: But we mostly talk about conventional retail sales. Do you see an increasing divide between the Pc and consoles?

Sweeney: Retail stores like Best Buy are selling PC games and PCs with integrated graphics at the same time and they are not talking about the difference [to more capable gaming PCs]. Those machines are good for e-mail, web browsing, watching video. But as far as games go, those machines are just not adequate. It is no surprise that retail PC sales suffer from that. Online is different, because people who go and buy games online already have PCs that can play games. The biggest problem in this space right now is that you cannot go and design a game for a high end PC and downscale it to mainstream PCs. The performance difference between high-end and low-end PC is something like 100x.