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Essential Files for Unreal Tournament

Essential Files Wizard

Just bought Unreal Tournament and want to start playing online, or running a server? Use the form below and we'll give you a list of the files you need to get going.

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  • UT 436 Patch for retail version.
  • UT 436 Dedicated Server Package. Standalone dedicated server package.
  • UT 436 NoDelta Patch. If you have CD reading problems, or obtained it bundled, this is for you.
  • UT Denial of Service Patch. This fix causes the UT server to correctly process ICMP port unreachable messages, and disconnect any connection it receives one for. This solves the Windows 2000 creeping ping problem and the denial of service attack mentioned in this article. Users not running UT servers do not need to apply this patch.

Bonus Packs


More Unreal Tournament Goodies

  • UT Music
  • All of the UT music files, in .it format (playable by Winamp).

For more Unreal Tournament maps and more, head over to Nali City.

Beta OpenGL Renderers

  • Beta OpenGL Renderer. From Daniel Vogel at Epic Games, gives improved performance for ATI and NVIDIA-based cards, and allows you to use UT's S3TC compressed textures.
  • OpenGL Renderer Fix Source Code. From Daniel Vogel at Epic Games, in case you want to tweak out your own driver .dll

  • For installation instructions for the OpenGL renderer, see this page.