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BeyondUnreal Broadcasting

Welcome to BeyondUnreal's newest feature! In order to bring you the latest and greatest in Unreal Engine news and discussion, BeyondUnreal brings you the BeyondUnreal Broadcast. The broadcast is a downloadable "podcast" containing discussion by BeyondUnreal Staff and forum members concerning recent happenings in the Unreal Community, as well as topical discussion and interviews with prominent Unreal Community members.

Broadcast 1 - March 1, 2006

Our inaugural show covers many topics from recent news in the Unreal Community, including WarPath, Red Orchestra, and Huxley. We also run down ClanBase in Europe and talk about a few mods such as Excessive, DA2, and Frag.Ops. This show is available in two flavors: With a discussion on RaptoR's Eight Simple Ways To Screw Up UT2007 article, and without.


Broadcast 2 - TBA

Coming soon...